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TWO: We believe in the responsibility of the individual to society.

It's a truism that along with freedom comes responsibility. An individual that totally
isolates emself from society may be an exception, but such individuals are extremely
rare. Even monks and hermits tend to form communities. And as a social species, we
have responsibilities to each other.

This is sometimes called "The Golden Rule," and has many forms. Love your neighbor as
yourself; do unto others as you would have others do unto you; walk a mile in another's
shoes; etc. Every major religion and philosophy has some form of this.

In some societies, including the United States, there is a great focus on individual rights,
but not on individual responsibilities to others. This is unbalanced, and by it's very nature
doesn't work--if everyone is concerned about es own rights and not those of others, then
no one's rights are respected. Thus, the statements that apply to the rights of an
individual also apply to an individual’s responsibilities to others.

Note: We use terms such as "e, em, emself, etc." These are genderless pronouns. Instead
of "he" or "she," we use "e." Instead of "him" or "her," we use "em," and for "his" or
her, we use "es." Instead of himself or herself, we use "emself." These terms are easy to
say, and much less awkward than the alternative "h/she or "(s)he" forms sometimes used.
FIVE BASIC BELIEFS: 1  2  3  4  5
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Five Basic Beliefs
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