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Goodbye RAW: Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson (photo by Robert Altman)I've been trying for three days to come up with something poignant, clever, insightful, and moving about the passing of Robert Anton Wilson. For three days, I've failed. But I would be remiss if I let another day pass and posted nothing.

To es fans, Robert Anton Wilson was the co-author, with Robert Shea, of The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and the author of many other great books that challenged our perspectives and perceptions of society, human relations, and even reality. E was a free-thinker, a friend of Dr. Timothy Leary, and, with Shea, the popularizer of Discordianism, the religion-joke began by Malaclypse the Younger and Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst. According to Wikipedia, e was "a prolific American novelist, essayist, philosopher, psychologist, futurologist, anarchist, and conspiracy theory researcher." E worked to be an agnostic in all things, taking nothing for granted or at face value. To the Church of the SubGenius, e is possibly the model for their "God" Bob Dobbs. According to es former co-workers at Playboy magazine, e was an associate editor with a fresh sense of humor. To es friends, e was a gentle spirit who cared about others. You can read more about RAW at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Anton_Wilson, or at es website at http://www.rawilson.com.

But what was e to me? I cannot answer. Es passing is still too close.

I like to imagine that BloodStar, our missing friend who "left Earth" following the paranoia and Government abuses following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the United States, returned. I can see the space alien picking up Bob on the StarShip Lorelei, and taking Bob back home to planet Eris. There they can discuss conspiracy theories, sex, humanity, the Illuminati, our crazy planet Earth, and, of course, fnord.

But what have I to say about Robert Anton Wilson? I have no pithy comments, no great witticisms. I have just one, very simple, thing to say. Goodbye, Grandbob.

* * * * *

(For information on Memorial Events and other RAW stuff, go to http://discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/raw.html)


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I posted something about RAW here a couple days ago on another entry, but will post here. I'm sorry Robert Anton Wilson died. I know I kid and say Reverend Loveshade is Robert Anton Wilson. RAW used that penname for a little then passed it on to his grandson. We lost a great writer, but you lost your Grandpa. Condelences to Reverend Loveshade and all of you.

I never met Robert Anton Wilson but I know how important he was to Reverend Loveshade. He was a founder of Discordianism and Im very sorry hes gone.

Ol Bob is dead. Long live Ol Bob.

SHe gave me more inspiration & more ideas to think about & helped me not only in my creativity but helped me to come up with new ways of doing stuff in everyday life that I never would have thought of without hir.

Thanks Bob, and may whatever reality tunnel you traverse in the afterlife give you as great an enlightened soul as the ones you traversed in this one.

We're in a book. But what an amazing book to behold. If people only took the time to behold it.

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

St John the Blasphemist
Saint of...

I posted about Bob on another entry too. I don't know if Bob invented Reverend Loveshade or if Rev. L just lent him his--I mean es--penname as a joke.

Bob Wilson was always doing things like that. Sometimes he said he wrote the Principia Discordia, and other times he said Dr. Timothy Leary did, and other times he said it was some alien from the Dogstar. The Loveshade thing is that too. I wonder if Bob was really Gamemaster Loveshade, who started the whole thing. But no one will say.

I still have an article about Bob that Rev. Loveshade wrote, and really like something he said.

"RAW never gives the straight truth, because he doesn't believe the truth is straight. It twists and turns into all sorts of strange dimensions, then eventually folds back into itself. It then looks completely ordinary, until it unexpectedly twists and turns again."

I'm very sorry to hear of Bob's passing too and the effect on you. I hope he was able to complete the intro to your book before his passing. It would be the past published thing he wrote.

-Pope Al

It is, of course, impossible for me to talk about who Bob "was", but if you will pardon two assertions; he was the best of us, and we will probably never see his like again.

I first encountered Bob through Illuminatus!, some 12 years ago, and the effect was profound. Roughly two months later, Operation Mindfuck entered my school, via the school noticeboard. In the time between then and now, I have read 21 of his books, all of which hold a place of honour on my bookshelf. There is literally no author/personality who has had more influence on my way of thinking, and I can firmly say that I would not be the entity that I am today, were it not for Bob. I would conservatively estimate that this is true for a great many people.

There is very little else that I, as a fan can add, save to say that my greatest personal intellectual hero is no longer in this reality, but he will never be forgotten. Without Bob, I would not be a Potentate, I wouldn't be Xiro, I wouldn't have printed and distributed hundreds of Pope Cards, I wouldn't have had some seriously good times. Perhaps now he knows how much he inspired in me, without really even trying.

On behalf of the 24/7-TCC, I extend our heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Robert Anton Wilson.

Potentate Xiro Interfase, HEAD Temple
24-Hour Technicolour Cult of Chaos, Dublin, Ireland

RAW had a profound effect on our time, more than most people know. I'm sure that Reverend Loveshade and the rest of you will work hard to carry on the tradition he began.


Written by Neal Delay
Monday, January 15 2007


















When it comes to things esoteric, Bob shined his black light on them and made them glow in the dark.

Great poem Neal Delay!

I first found out about RAW's death when I went to www.23ae.com. It said "RIP RAW" and I thought to myself "What is this a roller coaster ride or something?" And then it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I hurled for a day or two and never forgot how great e was.

This morning my roommate & i spoke about checking out. Maybe it was time to leave this planet. We were both born in the fifties, thought we'd heard and seen it all. Conclusion: Life sucks and then u Die (why wait?) So, i went to DieSlow/myspace.com to see my son (for the last time...perhaps) On his friends list I found a site that led me to a man. This guy was phenomenal. I fell in love and was in awe, even to the point where i sent a copy of his video to my son Angelo. Next i decided to look further into this man with a past so similar to mine. We shared the same interests. When i got there, the first sentence read "Your are reading about a person who was recently deceased" I felt my world crumble (again). Nevertheless, on i read. Somewhat exhilarated, I read about your grandfather all morning. Hence I found you. I want to say I am so sorry for our loss, you, me, the whole friggin world. But I also must say I'm grateful to know such a spirited soul existed in my lifetime. You're lucky you got the chance to know him firsthand. I have more exploring to do so I think I'll stick around. Thanks for listening..and Bless You. Marla from Brooklyn.

Thanks to everyone who posted, and to those who will post after this. Just reading your responses gives me hope. There is open-minded perception and creativity out there still, and even a little compassion. Bob broke some very fertile ground; let's see what those of us who follow can plant in it.

You were born and you will die. Everything between could be a lie. (And everything before and after could be too...)

That's the essence of what RAW was teaching to me. I'm not sure if i should be cratefully for this. It's not easy to trust (or to like) anyone stranger (and their tales...) if you were pushed into an empty ocean of possibilities... but i trusted him, because i trusted Luna. (And with the thought of her i could trust myself...)

I cannot say much about your grandfather, except i found his books when it was time for. And they helped me to realise what we are, could be and become.

I've learned on my path that Life can be confusing, but that you're alright if you're feeling that your aim is true and love. Then you don't even have to fear Death, Heaven or Hell, at all. (I'm more in fear of Eris holding a lousy T-Shirt for me after i died...)

You can be a saint, a monster, a freak or part of a fairy tale (or social experiment...). If you are human you can be whatever you're dreaming of you want to be.

Maybe it's freedom, but it really sucks if you're the only one you know for real.

Bye Bob, we will not only keep the lasanga flying! Some Day we will eat it, make some new and bombard some countrys with it, if we have nothing better to do.

(I sometimes thought about a way to meet him, talking about our lifes (I guess i would have more listened, than talked.) and why the f*** we came to this mudball.

He was right... it seems absurd. He died before i could realise how close we was.)

(((I think you're reading this before it becomes posted. It's just something i wanted to tell... it don't really need to be posted, if it is your opinion that it is too personally)))

- - - - -

(I think it's just fine, and am posting it as is--almost. As is part of my agreement with others of The Loveshade Family, I've censored one of your words. I don't like doing this--I don't believe in such a thing as a "dirty word." I believe all words are valid expressions. But I have an agreement, so I'm following it. Thanks for your comments. R.L.)

Bob is Dead! Long Live Bob!

Reverend Loveshade ain't Bob's grandson. Loveshade is Bob's grandaughter! You can't fool me with a phallus.

I'm working on keeping a compendium of memorials to Bob Wilson in the coming weeks, as well as organizing my own wake in Toronto.

I would be very interested in knowing if there's a charity which your family would appreciate any proceeds sent.

My condolances for your loss.

Reverend Loveshade NEVER said hes Robert Anton Wilson's grandson! He says he didn't even know who he was in his biography until Brother Goose gave him a book! http://discordia.loveshade.org/xtra/revbio.html

They were just friends and Reverend Loveshade called him Grandbob as a handle like he was his Discordian grandpa. His Grandbob used Reverend Loveshade as a Discordian name but then gave it to him. They are NOT the same person!

Of course Reverend Loveshade denies he's RAW's grandson. The FBI is still looking for him, remember? Like hell he's going to say who's grandson he is!

Fact: RAW used the Discordian name Reverend Loveshade.

Fact: Rev. Loveshade uses the Discordian name Reverend Loveshade.

Fact: Rev. Loveshade's mother was born in xxxx.

Fact: RAW's daughter was born in xxxx.

Fact: RAW's daughters middle name was Luna.

Fact: Rev. Loveshade's mother used the handle xxxxxxxxxx in the original Eksentriks. Luna means xxxx get it?

* * * * *

(We regret censoring part of this comment. We believe in freedom of speech, but also in our right to control what's posted on our site. As we've said before, that's part of freedom of speech too.

We do, however, ask this commentator to voluntarily stop spreading such claims, whether real or false. RAW's daughter was reportedly murdered in 1976, while a student in high school. We know of no evidence that she had given birth to a child before that time, nor that she had ever become pregnant.

While we know of no law against spreading rumors about the dead, and would probably be opposed to such a law if there were one, we ask our correspondents to voluntarily let her, and Robert, and his wife and Luna's mother Arlen, rest in peace.

--The Loveshade Family)

Hi there, I AM Bob Wilson's daughter, and just to set the record straight, he had 4 children, one, Luna (her chosen nickname) was murdered at 15, leaving 3 of us - 2 girls and a boy. None of us, alive or dead, have had children, thus, there are no "genetic" grandchildren. But there are "memetic" grandchildren, for sure, raised on his teachings. He only had one "honorary" grandson, who is now about 3 years old and is named Boaz. Have fun, love much and deeply, and let's keep RAW data as it really is! Christina

and let's keep RAW data as it really is!

That's right!!! As it really is... a confused mass of maybes, possiblies, impossiblies, and possibly some other stuff as well. ;-)

After all... how are we gonna start the next Big Religion if our Messiah actually has reliable historical documentation?

Ratatosk, Squirrel of Discrod

PS - Anyone up for a Grail Quest?

Grail Quest! Grail Quest!

-Telarus, KSC, KCC, Tender to the Edible Zen Garden, Episkopos of the Amorphous Dreams Cabal

I vill always remember Mr Wilson. The vorld has lost a great teacher.
Dr. Craven

Ok I'll try not to offend your delicate sensibilities.

But we're supposed to believe the post was from Bob's daughter just because the poster says so?

Ok, well then I say Reverend Loveshade IS Robert Anton Wilson's grandson because I'm GOD!

And don't forget the Church of the SunGenius God was named after Bob!


Thanks very much for posting on our blog at http://loveshade.org/blog/ I was honored to know your father, although obviously not nearly as well as you did. I called Bob Grandbob as an affectionate, semi-teasing term. When the rumors began, I let it run--Bob had done something of the same with the once mysterious authorship of Principia Discordia, although I got the impression he was very truthful in person. But after Grandbob's passing, it got out of hand. I hope your post will help let it go.

It is true that, when Brother Goose (that was es nickname) gave me a book that Bob wrote about the Illuminati, it did lead to major changes in my life, and expanded my perspectives. I owe a great deal to your father, as do many people.

I'm taking the liberty of including our Snooze Letter, in which we thank you and talk about your beloved father and my beloved friend. Thanks again!

Yours in the Conspiracy,

Reverend Loveshade

I'm sorry you lost your Grandbob. He--e--had so many fans and explored unknown territories of the mind. I learned about sex through Illuminatus. Thanks to Bob and Bob.

In celebration, some friends and I are setting up a stand to give away free Kool-Aid and Brownies. We plan to open some minds.

Dear Reverend,

By all means, bob is your Grandbob! What I really wanted to set straight was any rumors that my young sister luna who was murdered had children that were not known about publicly. She was still so much a child herself, although at 15 you can certainly have children, she didn't and I just wanted that clear. I so appreciate your email, and warm words about our dad's impact on your life. It means a lot to me. So have fun, love much and deeply, and keep the lasagna flying!

Warmly, Christina

I don't know if Revy Love is Bob's grandson or not. But I know there both great Discordians and Revy Love knows how to make a girl feel good! ;)

Reverend Loveshade is the GREATEST DISCORDIAN since his Grandbob. Carry on, Sexy Man!

I'm sorry now we'll never see the project Loveshade and Wilson began. I know it would have been mind-blowing. I hope you can sneak some of it in your own writings, Loveshade. Many of us are with you all the way, even those who created the "I Hate Loveshade" campaign. We did it out of love, you know.

Hi, just Icarus!23 here -- been busy scanning old comics for RAW's wake. Hope you Californians enjoy the party next Sunday -- I understand that my home will be the site of a gathering there next Sunday to meme-orialize from Michigan.
Spiritual Grandson, biological daughter, miscellaneous confused folks and all, it looks like were all grieving and celebrating in our own way. Thanks, Christina (Princess Trichster) for the nice letter you sent me. I truly do feel lie a Fifth Wheel now that the Fourth Pillar of Discordianism has gone on to the Erisian Fields.
Blessed be & Kallisti, and if there's any reading this from the Detroit/Chicago area, email me and I'll let you know what MIGHT be going on here.

Mark P. Steele sent us the following, and we're taking the liberty of posting it here. Note that much of this is happening 18 February 2007:

Hi. I'm presuming you heard the news about Robert Anton Wilson's death. Here's info about his wake:


Please forward. Thanks.

Mark P. Steele

Princess Unicornia and myself and other Wiccans will remember Robert Anton Wilson this weekend. We did not ever meet him but we know we would not be Discordians if not for him.

I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this or not, and I would in fact be quite surprised if the proposition hasn't already been made and/or accepted and I've simply missed it somewhere, but... I think I would be remiss if I were not to suggest that RAW be canonized.

I am, no doubt, way behind the times but I have just discovered the news that Uncle Bob has departed this particular physical plane and migrated to the next phase of existence/being/consciousness.
I can only console myself with the thought that he is now whooping it up at that great apres vie party in the omni-dimensional multi-verse with the likes of Tim Leary, Bill Burroughs, John Lilly, Bucky Fuller, Israel Regardie, Emperor Norton, Groucho Marx et hoc genus omnes!
Uncle Bob you have educated us, moved us, enlightened us, made us laugh and stopped us from taking ourselves and life too seriously!
As a Pope in the Chruch of Eris [HAIL ERIS!! ALL HAIL DISCORDIA!!!] I will be immediately setting in train the requisite steps to have you canonised as a full Brigadier Saint! Yea verily, and more!
Your immortality is assured to all of us who remain in this earthly manifestation!

Pope Archy Iconoklastikon, Episkopos of the Otis B. Driftwood Cabal.

Ironically, the comments immediately above by Brother Femtomoment and Pope Archy Iconoklastikon POEE KSC were each posted before the other one's post appeared. We check all comments before posting, and got them both up here at the same time. Coincidence, Synchronicity, or just Goddess Discordia?

I know it's been a little while since RAW's Passing, but I would like to let all those know who care to know, and even those who don't but have decided to read this, RAW's Passing shall not be in vien.
RAW's passing has bee the fuel to my fire, and I've finally gotten up off my lazy ass and have started to lead a revolt in RAW's name, we are the R.O.P.E.S Cabel, doing our best to help immanentize the eschaton in Australia.

Is Boaz named after Franz Boaz?

Planet Earth has lost a great one. Greg, Bob, Kerry and Bob are now all gone. Those of you left must pick up the pieces. Carry on, carry on.

Followup to the suggestion made by both Brother Femtomoment and Pope Archy Iconoklastikon POEE KSC:

By decision of the Ek-sen-trik Discordians, Robert Anton Wilson has been declared a Discordian Saint. Hail Bob!

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(Sorry; we removed the link as spam. If you disagree, let us know).

I know this is very very late, but I realy miss your Grandbob. I was never as close as you. I never met "em" but was inspired and had my life changed.

I'm so glad your still here to carry on the tradition, Reverend Loveshade. You can keep the spark that was RAW alive.

Want to know the true connection between Robert Anton Wilson and Reverend Loveshade?

Luna Wilson was friends with Bonnie Xxxxxx, who was about a year older. Luna was not the mother of Bruce or Reverend Loveshade, Bonnie was. She bore him when she was 15.

Later Bonnie was a founding member of the original Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild, and used the member name Moondancer in honor of her murdered friend (Luna means moon) and also Bonnie's love of dancing.

Later, Bruce founded the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild. He used the member name Reverend Loveshade, which was a name RAW had used in letters. RAW let Bruce use it, and also let Bruce call him Grandbob.



Sorry for the slight edit to one of the names. To protect innocent people--and some not-so-innocent--we'll stick with first names (which might or might not be correct). R. L.

It sounds good, I love the simplicity. Your posts are easy as a pie and really attractive at the same time.

It must be so cool being Robert Anton's Wilson grandson. I love your writing I can tell you're related! I'm Jessika. Email me if you like.

Do you fairly think this is news? I like and read your blog to get necessary information, but sometimes melancholy kills me

Tell me please, where I can get autograph copy of Robert Anton Wilson books? I know he your grandfather Rev. Loveshade. Thanks in advance!

I think if Rev. Loveshade is Robert Anton Wilson's spirital grandson, then the grandmother is Monty Python!

I want to get in touch with Robert Anton Wilson's estate, and know you can do that for me.

I have a fantastic idea for marketing Wilson's books, bigger than they are now. We're talking major market, best-seller revivial. We're talking The Illuminatus Movie?

Contact me. I have backers.

Our company, Kost to Kost, is considering a project involving the work of Robert Anton Wilson. While I am not at liberty to describe the details, it's a thrilling concept of illuminating Wilson's work with multi-media.

Please let us know if your family is interested by sending us an email.

I saw the report about your family. I hope you get RAW's 'Tales of the Tribe' published. The excellent Maybe Logic Academy gives us a clue to the work in a type of transtemporal view. The Ideogrammic Method maybe the key but for the distractors, as are the unpublished and hidden portions of James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake and Ezra Pound's Cantos--ignore those fools at principiadiscordia.com--they know nothing, nothing! Except for Rev. Marquis Mmothra--read ALL of RMM's posts. DisinfoCon lives! The implications of robust epistemologies have been far-reaching and pervasive. This could challenge the outmoded modern human sexuality paradigm, reforming the Babylonian-Chaldean system to what the sun God RAW intended. Hail Eris! I suspect this will be RAW's greatest and most profound work. And that would be great indeed.


The Mgt.

To all those who want us to: help them promote Wilson's books, tell them how to get autographed copies of es books, let them know how efforts to publish RAW's unpublished work are going, give them contact information for es family, etc.

Good luck in your efforts. But sorry, I'm not involved in any of those projects and can't help you. And any contact info I have with any of the first generation Discordians is private. If they or their families want to make it public, that's up to them. I would suggest checking out http://www.rawilson.com

As to any projects Grandbob and I were doing together, sorry there too. We tossed around some ideas, and that was about it. Sadly, e wasn't up to doing much during es declining years.

The only possibility is we may be able to use some of Grandbob's comments in the introduction to Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht. We had hoped e might write us a full introduction for the collection, but Grandbob is gone and the book's still not finished. So that's not going to happen.

Have a Day, and Hail Eris

I heard your getting RAW's unpublished book. Can't remember the name but that's terif!

:) The natural photo of the new arrival, taken by Emma Tallulah's dad,

Hi. Didn't know where to post this, Reverend Loveshade. Or is it Revy Love to your groupies? Are you looking for another groupie, Revy Love? I love you and your creative juices and want to swallow you all up. Email me. I have pics. No charge to you.

Is Rev. Loveshade taking on groupies? I hope he'll take men. Ignore the girls. They got no b***s.

Loveshade is an angel from hell, or a demon from heaven. Give us.

(Sorry, one word censored. Stupid censorship!)

Hello. And Bye.

Rev. Loveshade,

Your secret wishes exist and are haunting you everywhere and can’t ignore them . There are no people in the world who are totally indifferent to the sphere of intimacy . First negative experience provoked inhibitions and hag-ups and hampered the development of sexual sphere in many individuals . You don’t have to hide your inclinations and can easily tell about them to the whole world . Give way to them and open yourself to this wonderful experience . Today you can find everything you like in the internet . Freedom of information and intimate relationships let us know much on this topic . Release yourself and yield to your desires . In our liberal society you can not only understand your wishes and desires but make them come true . If you marry someone and live with this person all your life you are deprived of many refinements in this sphere and many interesting aspects of live will remain behind your experience.

I will do anything you want, Revy Love. Anything.

Thanks Groupies!

But as much as I love comments from my groupies and wanna-be groupies, this post is for Robert Anton Wilson, not me. If you want to email me comments, great. Check my homepage (click on my name below) for my current email address and send them my way.

Reverend "Spanking you gently but firmly" Loveshade

Hmmm... I am proud of my romantic unionist I have a nice fresh joke for you people) What do you call a dumb balloon? An air head.

RAW is WAR backwards. Thought you should know that. Also I have a boil.

Nobody's fooled. We all know Reverend Loveshade is Robert Anton Wilson. He's not dead just in hiding from the CIA.

WWY you're an idiot. Wilson's death isn't secret, and there's no empty tomb. He's dead. It's a curse of Goddess, but may he thrive in Heaven/Planet Eris.

Reverend Loveshade lives. It's a curse of God. May he burn in Hell/Janus County, Texas.

Felix Zig Zag

Hello !!!! ^_^
I am Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
Sorry for my bad english:)
Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

(Sorry, but we removed your link. It looks rather spammy to us. If you believe it isn't, let us know).

Any word on your GrandBob's still unpublished book?

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