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Some of us are real people; some of us may be products of someone’s crazed imagination.  We aren’t really sure
who’s which.  But to help you through, we’ve given each person an Accuracy Rating so you can judge how accurate
what they tell you probably is (real people can lie, and fictional characters can tell the truth).  These ratings are a
combination of how we view that person, and how that person views emself.  The scale ranges from 1 (about as
accurate as that thermometer that was kept in a cooled building and used to report the official summertime
temperature for the desert town of Palm Springs), to 10 (this person must be an infallible prophet of the All-Knowing

Gamemaster Loveshade: Our Founder is the only one of us wise enough to avoid posting a detailed description of

Accuracy Rating: We aren’t stupid enough to rate our own founder where e can read it.

Alden Loveshade: Alden is a philosopher, personist, writer, playwright, screenwriter, director, actor, poet,
photographer, dumbek drummer, roleplayer, and educator. Worked for others and freelance as a journalist,
investigator, columnist, reviewer, teacher,
photographer, animal caregiver, and dishwasher. Claims e doesn’t care
about money, but always needs more. Recognized by Phi Theta Kappa, Gold Key National Honor Society, the U. S.
Jaycees, and groups of like ilk. They don’t necessarily like em, but they recognize em. Graduated summa cum laude
from some university that apparently figured the best way to get rid of em was to graduate em.
Alden has won several
awards (mostly under different names), and has worked with Emmy, Oscar, Tony, and Pulitzer Prize Nominees and
Winners (mostly under different names).

Accuracy Rating:
Alden is anal about being accurate (we love it when we can find Alden’s mistakes), but nobody’s
perfect: 9.5.

BloodStar: (sometimes called Alien Loveshade): BloodStar is a traveler through space and the dimensions in the
StarShip Lorelei, where e is often found with es traveling companion Binky the WonderSkull. BloodStar claims to be
from the planet HandL, but none of the rest of us have been there, so how would we know? Probably the first one of us
to create a website on Earth’s Internet (which BloodStar finds incredibly primitive), this wanderer spent a lot of time
websurfing while on Earth, learned a great deal about us, and decided it was time to leave. Hasn’t been heard from
since sometime after September of 2001, so may have gotten scared off. Not by terrorists, but by opportunistic,
warmongering politicians; inaccurate, ratings-hungry journalists; and people so afraid of losing their freedom that, to
keep from losing it, they tried to bury it. Reverend Loveshade claims to have recently found messages from the space
alien in a milky bowl of sugary alphabet breakfast cereal (“the letters in my bowl spelled BS, which must mean
BloodStar”), but the rest of us find more credibility in fortune cookies. (“Your lottery numbers are ....”)

Accuracy Rating: 8 (Heck, how would we know?  We just chose 8 because it’s a cool looking number, and looks
something like infinity on it’s side.  We figured that was a good rating for a space and dimension-hopping traveler).

Eldwin Nightowl (almost never called Eldwin Loveshade): Eldwin was born in 1562 in England and, after fleeing his
homeland, did a variety of services ranging from dishwasher to cook's helper to sword and knife seller to bard (poet,
song-writer, singer) to marshal in training to archer to drummer for belly dancers to historian to chronicler to deputy
seneschal (something like local vice president).

Accuracy Rating: 9.5 (Information that is strictly historical), 8 (seemingly historical information about Society for
Creative Anachronism (SCA), Renaissance Pleasure Faire, Middlefaire, Texas Pirate Festival and other historical or
fantasy recreationist groups), ? (everything else)

Lorien Loveshade: Lorien describes emself in great detail, but this is our impression. Lorien is a writer, poet, baby-
diarist (is that a word?), dancer, activist, volunteer, and college graduate who is now an elementary school
teacher. E is a member of Amnesty International, the ACLU and of a
Wiccan coven, and one of the leaders of that
coven. Favorite things include planning parties, chocolate, dancing, hanging with friends, malling, swimming, hot
tubbing, and going to movies. But they also include educating people about
Wicca, naturism, human rights, helping
others, the dangers of driving under the influence, the evils of war, the danger of unnecessary laws, and being
responsible beings.

Accuracy Rating: 9.5 (
Lorien’s personal life--we assume it’s accurate, but again nobody’s perfect), 9 (Wicca--people
disagree on religion, so nobody gets a 10), 8 (everything else)

Reverend Loveshade: sometimes nicknamed The Rev. (by friends) or Revy Love (by groupies), e is Episkopos of the
Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild. What that really means, we don’t know. In a twist on Discordia
itself, e is either a person pretending to be a joke, or a joke pretending to be a person. A writer, theologist, polyamorist,
naturist, philosophical humorist, and all-around good person troublemaker. Writes like a mad person, performs cyber-
weddings, conceived
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht, and is featured in several Discordian
collections--e was published in the
Apocrypha Discordia before it even existed.  At the turn of the 20th to 21st century
CE, was the subject of a national investigation that tried to determine who e really was and what e was up to (yes, that
part is true).  Has a perhaps legitimate claim to official recognition by the United States of America as an infallible
prophet of the All-Knowing God. “They made me swear to tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth, so
help me God. Obviously, the true and honorable American Judicial System wouldn’t require me to do something they
didn’t believe I was capable of doing.”

Accuracy Rating: 10 (by the American Judicial System), 9 (Biblical Material--the score we gave our favorite televangelist
was 8, so that’s pretty darn good),  7.35+/- (everything else).

Dorian Jack (or Dorian Loveshade): Out of alphabetical order because, sadly, Dorian is no longer with us. While we
like to joke about who’s real and who isn’t, because Dorian is gone we can admit that e is, or at least was, a real
person. Dorian was a person of contradictions. E was an eccentric who knew members of the Ek-sen-triks but who
never became an Ek-sen-trik; an auto mechanic who often worked outside of an auto mechanics business; and a
conspiracy theorist who may have been the victim of a very real conspiracy. While the official report classified Dorian’s
death as being by natural causes, we would classify it as “suspicious.” Dorian’s body was found days after death, and
all evidence that might have been there was already gone (or was seized at the time). Very few people knew that
Dorian was more than a home auto mechanic and guitarist with more conspiracy theories than tools, and more than
an eccentric with a broad range of tastes in anime, magazines, writings, photos and other material that ranged from
the mundane to the bizarre. In a society geared toward continually creating more and more laws that restrict personal
freedom even when no one is harmed, some of Dorian’s activities would probably have been classified as illegal.  But
then we believe that in America and much of the rest of the modern world, the average adult has committed at least
one felony, often without even being aware of the law. Such are the times. But as Bob Dylan sang, “the times they are
a’ changin’.”

Accuracy Rating: We haven’t posted Dorian’s work. While Dorian sometimes spouted in public, e liked working in
secret, and we respect that--and the sources and documentation for almost all of Dorian’s work were either seized,
destroyed, lost, hidden, or never existed outside of Dorian’s own head.  But while some of Dorian’s rants stood
unsteadily on the border of absurdity, a few of the more obscure and stranger conspiracies that Dorian claimed to
have discovered have since become national and international news.  How do you put a number on that?

Note: There have been repeated rumors that Robert Anton Wilson was or even is Reverend Loveshade.  The late
great RAW may have hinted at the name in some published pieces, but as far as we know never published anything
under the byline of Reverend Loveshade.  While RAW may have occasionally used that pen name in correspondence,
e used a number of different pseudonyms, and several people used the name Reverend Loveshade.  We know of no
evidence that the greatly respected Robert Anton Wilson claimed to be a member of The Loveshade Family.  Christina
Pearson, one of Robert Anton Wilson's daughters and the trustee of es estate, did acknowledge that Wilson was
Reverend Loveshade's "Grandbob."  But this was an affectionate term used by The Rev for Bob, and does not imply
any biological connection.

We are a family and friends
related not necessarily by
blood, but by ideals. We
support personal freedom
working in harmony with
responsibility. We are
writers, artists, political
activists, philosophers,
photographers, performers,
and clowns.
The Loveshade Family
Who We Be
The Loveshade Family (trademark of The Loveshade Family)
Note: we use the
genderless pronoun
“e” for “he” or “she.”

e = he or she
em = him or her     
es = his or her
es = his or hers
emself = himself or
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